The Wolf Within

The Truth About Why We Fear the Wolf

  • Roger A. B. Abrantes Ethology Institute
Keywords: Wolf, Wolf Extermination


Our love-hate relationship with the wolf, the animal that shares 15 thousand years of common ancestry with man’s best friend, the dog, suggests a deep conflict, one that is well hidden and maybe closer to each of us than we dare to admit. Are we hiding a skeleton in the closet? Why do we take great pains to understand and be kind to our dogs, whilst we hunt the wolf mercilessly? Mythology and religious convictions, as well as economic factors, came to play a significant role in our relationship with the wolf. However, it is our relatively quick adoption of dualism and a mechanistic view of the world—forcing us to part with holism and animism—that might have left us with deep scars and, ultimately, a conflict of identity.


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