Directors: Paolo Terrile, Ph.D.; Mario Lima, Ph.D.; John Larsen, M.C.S.; Parichart Thongparkdee Abrantes, M.B.A. (Awaiting confirmation from some).

Journal Manager: John Larsen, M.C.S.

Editor-in-Chief: Parichart Thongparkdee Abrantes, M.B.A.

Scientific advisors: Roger Abrantes, Ph.D. and Mario Lima, Ph.D., for all articles except their own, which are reviewed by independent reviewers.

Reviewers: Patricia McConnell, Ph.D.; Ian Dunbar, Ph.D.; Pamela Reid, Ph.D.; Linda Case, MSc.; Nuno Paixão, DVM; Anabela Pinto-Poulon, Ph.D.; Xóchitl Ortiz, Ph.D.; Nicholay Atanassov, Ph.D.; Paula Cisternas, Ph.D.; (Asked and waiting for answer — We're recruiting more).

Section Editors: Paolo Terrile; Anton Antonsen, MSc. (We're recruiting more).

Copyeditors: Dennis Hobro; Anna Holoway (Asked and waiting for answer — We're recruiting more).

Layout Editors: Dennis Hobro, Patcharee Thongparkdee. (We're recruiting more).

Proofreaders: Anna Holoway. (Asked and waiting for answer — We're recruiting more).

Are you interested in fulfilling one or more of the above functions? Please, send an email to the Editor-in-Chief at